Amitava’s publications range from the recently published book titled “Survey of Sino Indian Artistic Discourse” to a number of significant essays in important journals and his personal diary.

List of Publications

  • “Survey of Sino Indian Artistic Discourse – A 20th Century Framework” by Amitava Bhattacharya, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Institute of Asian Studies, published by Towards Freedom
  • “A diary of An Art Master” based on a long experience in teaching art of Tribal kids in a School under NGO Organization in MP ,2012.
  • “Tagore and China”, published from Dept of South Asian Studies, Beijing University 2011 and Sage publication N. Delhi 2011: In search of Forgotten Dialogue Chinese and Indian Artists Since 1924 .
  • “Art Movement in Post feudal China” Visva Bharati Central University Annual journal on Art, 2000.
  • “A dialogue with Chinese Avant-Garde” ,Lalita Kala Academy Journal Delhi, Nov 2012.
  • ”Survey of Political Pop in Present China” same journal 2002.
  • ”Glimpses of Contemporary Chinese Art —A Discourse with a Chinese Painter”, Annual Art Journal Lalit Kala Academy, New Delhi 2003
  • “Peripheral Art in China—in Retrospect, Comparative Perspective on Asian Development-UPIASI with the support of Ford Foundation N Delhi 2005.
  • Calligraphy –a means of visual dimension of thought, University of Burdwan art journal India 2007
  • “Protest Art in South Africa ’, in ‘Art &Etc, Emami Chisel Art Gallery , Calcutta , 2008.
  • “Scream in moonlight’ –the charm of Tang poetry’ Visva Bharati University Art Journal, 2008
  • “Re-understanding calligraphy”—-new experiments in East Asian Art, Centenary Volume, The Indian Society of Oriental Art, Calcutta ,