Asian Studies

Amitava’s research orientation is multi faceted and his quest ranges from Asian art and society to art education and its impact. The major research work he did is the artistic dialogue between Indian and Chinese artists after the grand visit of poet Tagore to China in 1924. Since his visit many Chinese painters came to India with renewed interest in Indian new art movement in Bengal and many Indian painters visited China and this discourse was very important in the broader context of Asian art . For this research Amitava made several research trips to China upon research grant from the Government of India.

Amitava recently published his book titled Survey of Sino Indian Artistic Discourse.

This book is available from the Kolkata based publication Towards Freedom and Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Inst of Asian Studies, Kolkata.

On the other hand Amitava has a strong feeling the Indian tribal and indigenous art in remote tribal hamlets in India. Read more about Amitava’s work on Indian tribal art.

Survey of Sino Indian Artistic Discourse

Diary of an Art Master